Meet Tyneise Seaborough

I’m Tyneise Seaborough, the non-fiction queen turned global visibility strategist. I create opportunities and resources that help shift authors from a place of obscurity to global visibility.

I’m the proud owner of Seaborough Enterprises Publishing. This business was born, in the midst of hardship, in order for me to get through my current season of “all hail breaking out.”

Do you know what it’s like to go from having everything working for you to losing everything that you worked for? A successful college graduate with a new job to having nothing and returning back home to live with your parents. This was a time of discouragement and hopelessness for me.

So often books are used for therapeutic purposes and this became true for me as well.

I’m the author of four transformational books. Currently, my five-year-old daughter is preparing to release hers as well. We’re building a legacy via books!


We are a self publishing company with over 14 years experience of producing high quality non-fiction books. We provide online training, book strategy sessions, and opportunities for authors to gain global visibility.

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